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Mold and mildew mitigatorWater damage in a home is a dangerous thing especially if it is not addressed right away. Water damage can be a difficult thing to fix, and you don’t want to ignore it, or the costs will skyrocket due to mold and bacteria issues. The good news is many problems can be resolved through your insurance company. Here are a few tips from Core Pro Water Damage Services.

1. Check your insurance policy to ensure your home is covered for water damage issues. If you are not sure, call them!

2. The top causes of water damage is a leak in the home. These are often hidden behind the walls. Inspect bathroom and basement walls for possible wet areas. When water leaks, it affects the drywall and wood behind the wall. Dangerous mold can grow behind the walls. Look for flaky or peeling paint as an indicator that you may have a problem.

3. Check your home after heavy rains. Walk around and inspect possible trouble areas in the house.

In case of a flood or accident, call a professional immediately. Water seeps into areas that most homeowners don’t see. The walls can be like sponges and soak up much more water than people expect. You want a professional to use the appropriate tools to mitigate the water from all areas of your home entirely.

If you do find water damage in your home, call a drywall and water mitigation expert so they can better help you assess the issue. The best drywall companies will give you a free quote and help work with your insurance company to keep your costs low.

Core Pro Water Damage Services proudly works with any insurance and homeowners. We do our best to focus on getting your home in better shape than what it was when we first arrived!


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